Adding RGB LEDs to your Lagom or Större board

Lagom and Större both support an underglow RGB LED light strip. This is not included in the kit, but you are able to add a WS2812b (or similar) compatible LED strip to the underside (or case) of the boards using the exposed pins on the underside of the PCB.

Where do I add the LED strip?

You add the LED strip using the 3 holes exposed on the underside of the Lagom PCB. To make attaching a strip of LEDs easier it may be easier to add a small socket to these holes as shown in the image below.

How is the LED strip connected to the controller?

  • The GND is connected to the common ground of the board and controller
  • The VCC is connected to the 5V output of the controller
  • The LED pin is connected to pin F6 of the controller

How do I configure the LED strip in firmware?

As LED strips vary in length it’s best if you configure this yourself and then compile your own firmware files. In the example below I have a strip of 11 LEDs.

There’s a couple changes that you need to make to info.json to make it happen before recompiling the firmware (and you can see the firmware files here). These changes are:

  • Adding "rgblight": true to the feature section
  • Adding a rgblight and ws2812 section. More info here too.
"rgblight": {
"led_count": 11,
"sleep": true,
"hue_steps": 10,
"saturation_steps": 10,
"brightness_steps": 10,
"animations": {
"rainbow_mood": true,
"static_gradient": true
"ws2812": {
"pin": "F6"
  • You’ll then need to assign some keys to toggle on the RGB and change modes etc. This is easiest done in Vial if you’ve flashed a Vial compatible image. You can do this through the Vial interface on the ‘Backlight’ tab.
  • Bear in mind that the RGB feature takes up some space so you may run out of space if you’re compiling this for a Pro Micro
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