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Our keyboards

Anything from a 60% to a 5% macro pad is possible with CYOA Ortho. Start your ortholinear journey here!

Litl is a 40% keyboard kit with flexible layout options, a rotary encoder and an OLED screen.

Lagom is a full featured 65% keyboard with 2 encoders, a screen and many layout options.

Större is a full featured 75% keyboard with 2 encoders, a screen and many layout options.

Our Story

We want to make keyboard building easier

We got bitten by the keyboard bug in 2020. It started by building a hotswap 75% kit and figuring out the millions of combinations of parts that you could choose and use.

We soon graduated to a kit requiring soldering and had to relearn  our soldering skills. The soldering didn’t look perfect, but  thankfully the board worked wonderfully, and most importantly it was super fun and rewarding. 

Since then we’ve designed our own boards with a focus on cost, great features and ease of construction. We have 4 different boards in 40%, 65%, 75% sizes and a flexible ortholinear layout.

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Build Your Keyboard

Learn how to build your keyboard, customise your keyboard and so much more.

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⌨️ We use through hole components and separate microcontrollers to make the soldering experience as beginner friendly as possible

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