RP2040 Pro Micro Controller

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The RP2040 Pro Micro is a controller that can be used to power all of our keyboards and many other keyboards. It has a USB-C port, uses a RP2040 microcontroller (instead of the Atmel ones used in traditional Pro Micros) and is pin compatible with the Pro Micro.

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A USB-C Pro Micro compatible microcontroller board. It has a RP2040 microcontroller and 16mb of flash memory. It has a USB-C port, 35 total pins and an integrated voltage regulator for 3.3V operation. Pin headers included. USB cable not included. This is on a black PCB.

  • Powerful RP2040 32-bit Cortex M0+ dual core running at 133 MHz and 264kB SRAM.
  • 16MB QSPI FLASH chip for storing files and code
  • Only 3.16 mm thick thanks to a mid-mounted USB-C port
  • Elite-C, Pro Micro, SparkFun Pro Micro RP2040, and nice!Nano compatible pinout (follows the BastardKb standard)
  • 10 extra I/O pins: (GP12-GP16) added along the bottom edge, (GP18, GP24) in the middle, (GP10-GP11) at the top and another in the corner (GP25)
  • UF2 bootloader for drag & drop programming via your file manager

This controller has more pins that a traditional Pro Micro. For all of our keyboards you will not need to use all of these pins, so when soldering this controller you do not need to add headers to pins 10 and 11 (either side of the USB-C connector) and pins 12 to 16 (at the opposite end to the USB-C connector), see photo below for details. Flashing instructions for this controller will differ slightly too. See the flashing guide for details.

We also sell a Micro-USB and a USB-C ‘traditional’ Pro Micro Atmel version too.

This controller has a similar but not identical pinout to the Helios RP2040 controller. Find out more including the pinout diagrams here on Deskthority.

Back in stock end of May. 

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