Keyboard Cone Feet

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2 x 3D printed cone feet for the CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure) Ortho Keyboard Case or other cases.

The 3D printed feet screw onto the bottom of cases with their embedded M4 inserts and are printed to order. They are 10mm tall and have a slight recess for a 8mm bumper sticker on the bottom.

Feet are printed in black PLA with a 0.15mm layer height on a Prusa printer. Feet are unfinished (no sanding or priming), but you are able to sand, prime, paint and varnish them yourself.

Interested in more colours? Get in touch with us @sthlmkb on Instagram or via hej@sthlmkb.com

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What’s included:

  • 2 3D Printed cone feet
  • (2) M4 heat set inserts (preinstalled) so that you can mount the feet on a board
  • (2) M4 screws
  • (2) Rubber bumper stickers for the feet to prevent slipping on your desk
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