Rotary Encoder

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20mm 5 pin EC11 rotary encoder with a plum (vertically knurled) handle to use on a keyboard as a volume control and a switch.

Lagom has space for 2 rotary encoders, Litl has space for 1 or 2 depending on whether you want an OLED screen.

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This encoder actuates when you turn it, so it’s perfect for analog input controls like brush sizing, volume, panning or scrubbing.

The encoder also acts as a button, which you can assign in your keymap. The actuation force required is roughly 500 grams, so the button is best used for non-frequent actions. My current keymap uses the turning for volume control and the press to mute/unmute.

For perfect styling you’ll want to get a knob for your encoder to complement your keycaps.

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