Mill max hotswap sockets (0305 type)

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Not sure about what switches to use, then maybe making your board hot swappable is the way to go!

Instead of soldering the switches to the board you can solder these mill max sockets into the switch holes on the PCB and then hot swap and change switches as you see fit!

You’ll still need to solder the mill max sockets into the PCB, and they can be a little fiddly as they are small.

Sold in packs of 50 sockets.

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Mill-Max sockets are for adding hotswap support to regular/solderable PCBs. Sold in packs of 50 sockets (which are good for 25 switches, as each switch needs two sockets).

So depending on the board you’re planning on building you will need to more packs:

  • Litl: you will need 2 packs (as there are up to 45 switches)
  • Lagom: you will need 3 packs (as there are up to 74 switches)
  • Större: you will need 4 packs (as there are up to 88 switches)

Specifically these are 0305-2: Tin-plated sockets (0305-2-15-80-47-80-10-0). You can see the data sheet here.

  • Total length: 3.94 mm
  • Diameter: 1.47 mm
  • PCB mounting hole diameter: 1.50-1.55 mm
  • Flange thickness: 0.64 mm
  • Flange diameter: 1.93 mm

They’re a little easier to solder than some of the other mill max types because of longer leg, but they do have a taller lip that pops up above the PCB so switches will not sit perfectly flush on the PCB (but this should not be a problem as our boards have switch plates to hold them all in place).

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