Litl keyboard starter bundle

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Litl is an easy to build 40% keyboard using only through hole components. 

This bundle contains almost everything you need to start building your Litl keyboard.

The Litl 40% keyboard features:

  • Flexible 40% layout options (split space, split enter, split backspace)
  • Discrete microcontroller (like the Pro Micro USB-C included in the bundle) for greater flexibility, connectivity options and ease of construction
  • A rotary encoder (included in the bundle for things like volume, next/previous track and brush size)
  • An OLED screen (included for things like WPM counts and adorable cats)
  • Integrated sandwich style FR4 case (with the PCB floating between a switch plate and the base)

See the description below for what’s included and what’s not included. Find the build guide here and the firmware here. 

In order to build your Litl keyboard you’ll still need to source:

  • Switches (45, MX 3 pin or 5 pin)
  • Stabilisers (for the larger keys like Space and Shift, you’ll need PCB mounted ones)
  • Keycaps

An overview of what’s included in the bundle:

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What’s included:

What’s not included (and you’ll need you source yourself):

  • MX compatible switches (3 pin or 5 pin, up to 45 of them depending on the layout)
  • Keycaps
  • PCB mount stabilisers (for bigger keys like Space and Shift)

What tools and equipment will you need to build this keyboard:

  • A soldering iron
  • Solder
  • Flux (optional but recommended)
  • Flush cutter pliers

Supported layouts:

Litl supported layouts

  • Regular caps lock or stepped caps lock
  • Regular 2.25u left shift or split left shift (1.25u + 1u)
  • Regular ANSI style 2.25u enter or split enter (1u + 1.25u)
  • Regular 6.25u space bar (with 1u modifier on the left) or split space bar (2.25u + 1u + 2.75u with 1.25u modifier to the left)
  • One encoder and one OLED display or two encoders

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